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Friday, August 25, 2017

PeopleSoft unavailable September 23-24

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (Student Records) will be unavailable over the September 23-24 weekend due to a planned system outage for the upgrade from PeopleSoft 9.0 to 9.2. From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, students, faculty, and staff will not have access to functions such as registration and grading. Other systems such as email, Moodle, and Canvas will have regular availability.

While this timeframe was selected to minimize impacts to the University community, we would like to hear from you if there are activities that will be negatively affected by this downtime. Please contact project manager Carrie Otto (zast0020@umn.edu) with details. System changes as a result of this upgrade are minimal and restricted to the look and feel. Preview these changes.

Cancel classes for fall 2017 with zero enrollments

There are classes on the fall 2017 (1179) class schedule with a room assignment but no enrolled students. Please cancel the class directly in CCS if you do not plan to offer it. For classes with low enrollment that you plan to cancel, email ocmsched@umn.edu to process your cancellation. If your college requires collegiate approval for cancellation with low enrollment, refer to your college procedures. Remember to always notify enrolled students directly before requesting a class cancellation. Visit the OCM blog for more information.

New process for in-progress coursework in APAS

The Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) team has seen an increase in requests to move old in-progress courses from APAS reports. In the past, the team would wait until the student was at the point of degree clearance, but that has been causing some other issues. To resolve this, there is a new process for updating old in-progress courses in APAS. Read more about moving IP courses on APAS.


The Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) team has created a new Liberal Education (LE) Course Check APAS that can be found in the "What If" APAS list for each college. The purpose of the course check is to show how any course in a student’s enrollment history could fulfill specific LE requirements. While all other APAS reports will only allow you to see the minimum courses needed to fulfill an LE requirement, with the first applicable course filling the slot, this APAS reports all the courses on a student's record that might fulfill each LE requirement.

This is helpful if you have a student who is debating withdrawing or afraid they might fail a course that is currently fulfilling an LE. The new APAS will show if there are any other in-progress or completed courses that could be used to fulfill the requirement instead. No exceptions are necessary in order to see what other LE-fulfilling courses are available within a student's course history.

GSSP content transition to One Stop

On August 24, 2017, Twin Cities Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) content moved from the Graduate School website to the One Stop Student Services website. GSSP content appears under the Academics tab on One Stop in the following pages:
  • Degree completion steps
  • Examination committees
  • Doctoral oral exam scheduling 
  • Thesis/dissertation submission and formatting
  • Contact GSSP
GSSP forms are now housed on the One Stop Forms page. Application for degree and other information related to graduation have been updated on the Apply to graduate and Checklist for grad students pages that had already existed on One Stop.

Users looking for GSSP content on the Graduate School website are automatically redirected to One Stop instead. Faculty and staff content will remain on the Graduate School’s website. Only Twin Cities websites have been included in this transition. The goal of this content transition is to better serve students by housing content in one place and making navigation easier. Integrating GSSP with One Stop also better aligns with GSSP’s organizational structure. Please communicate this change with students, staff, and faculty who may not be aware. Contact Chris Abts at cjabts@umn.edu with any GSSP questions.

Supplemental Class Search Tool being retired

As of October 1st, this tool is being retired and users are directed to use Schedule Builder class search.

Two new forms for students

Last month ASR released two new electronic forms for students. The first new form is Cost of Attendance Appeal (for both undergraduate and graduates). The second is the Request to Change Expected Graduation Term. Both are available on the One Stop website from the Forms page. Please direct students to use these forms when the need arises. Contact One Stop Student Services at onestop@umn.edu with questions.

Both forms require authentication; students use their University Internet ID and password to access the form, and various data points are pulled in from PeopleSoft to help make submissions more accurate and to decrease processing time both for students and staff.

Please note that the Request to Change Expected Graduation Term is a new form; previously students made these requests via email to One Stop. Now they can fill out the form and it routes directly for processing.

The two forms were built using TransForm, a new online form program. The pilot program for TransForm was a collaborative effort between ASR units and Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Helping U desk

One Stop Student Services and the Office for Student Affairs have partnered to enhance the Helping U desk in Bruininks Hall. At the Helping U desk, student-staff have been trained to connect fellow students to University-based resources such as academic support, career help, and health services.

The desk is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you know a student or department who may benefit from the Helping U desk, please share this information.

Study Space Finder

Study Space Finder has launched for students that includes images, building features, and locations. Students can find computer labs, coffee shops, and study spaces for individuals and groups via the map markers on East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul campuses. The Study Space Finder will be housed at studyspace.umn.edu and will also appear as a link on sites with study space content.

This is a joint project between the Office of Classroom Management (OCM), University Libraries, Student Unions, Office of Information Technology (OIT), AHC Classroom Services, and University Services. Technical fixes are still in progress, but issues should be resolved shortly. Please share with students and contact studyspacefeedback@umn.edu with questions.


Q: I’ve been contacted by a military recruiter for student information. How do we respond to these requests? 
A: Per the Solomon Amendment, military recruiters can receive student directory information. The Office of Institutional Research is the designated campus department that fulfills these requests.