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Friday, August 25, 2017

GSSP content transition to One Stop

On August 24, 2017, Twin Cities Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) content moved from the Graduate School website to the One Stop Student Services website. GSSP content appears under the Academics tab on One Stop in the following pages:
  • Degree completion steps
  • Examination committees
  • Doctoral oral exam scheduling 
  • Thesis/dissertation submission and formatting
  • Contact GSSP
GSSP forms are now housed on the One Stop Forms page. Application for degree and other information related to graduation have been updated on the Apply to graduate and Checklist for grad students pages that had already existed on One Stop.

Users looking for GSSP content on the Graduate School website are automatically redirected to One Stop instead. Faculty and staff content will remain on the Graduate School’s website. Only Twin Cities websites have been included in this transition. The goal of this content transition is to better serve students by housing content in one place and making navigation easier. Integrating GSSP with One Stop also better aligns with GSSP’s organizational structure. Please communicate this change with students, staff, and faculty who may not be aware. Contact Chris Abts at cjabts@umn.edu with any GSSP questions.

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