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Monday, May 1, 2017

Updates to the 13-Credit Exemption Request form

Revisions have been made to the online 13-Credit Exemption Request form that students use to request exemption from the 13-credit policy to be charged a per-credit tuition rate. During the recent internal audit of the 9.0 Upgrade, opportunities were identified to improve instructions and communications on the form. The following changes have been implemented:
  • New introductory instructions
  • A "completion window" and confirmation email when the form is submitted
  • Following submission, students are routed back to the Academics tab of MyU instead of the Student Center in PeopleSoft.
There are plans to evaluate additional changes utilizing Peoplesoft 9.2 functionality.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions upgrade underway

The effort to upgrade PeopleSoft Campus Solutions from version 9.0 to 9.2 started the first week in April. This project is on a much smaller scale than "The Upgrade"/ESUP that was completed in 2015. The upgrade to 9.2 will finish June 2018 and will be completed in two phases.

The first phase is the technical upgrade in which we will move from version 9.0 to 9.2, to be completed September 24, 2017. Students, faculty, and staff will notice little-to-no changes as a result of this first phase. The second phase is the functional upgrade in which process improvements and tools will be implemented. Components of this phase will be released on an ongoing basis, with the project concluding in June 2018. You can learn more about the upgrade on the project website.

Preferred name and gender on reports

Academic Support Resources is gathering feedback regarding student records reports, specifically about the use of preferred name and gender. There may be changes to certain reports to reflect students' preferred name instead of primary, and remove gender from reports if the information is not required. If you use any of the reports listed below, please take a few moments to fill out the associated survey. Some reports already utilize preferred name and APAS and Grad Planner now use students' preferred name if they have entered one in MyU.

Survey for first set of reports:
  • Degree Information for Colleges
  • English Language Proficiency - Eligibility for Tas
  • Faculty Role Detail - Advisor
  • Graduate Education Degree Award
  • Official Degrees Granted
Survey for second set of reports:
  • Rochester Student Roster
  • Student Photo
  • Student Roster Detail List
  • University of Minnesota Foundation Detail
For questions, contact Stacey Tidball, tidball@umn.edu.

End-of-term dates for colleges, spring 2017

Below are dates for probation and suspension, academic standing, grades due, bracketing, and degree clearances. These can also be found on the Academic Support Resources site under New and dates > Important dates.

Saturday, May 13
Last day of exams (end of term)
Undergrad confer date

Wednesday, May 17
Grades due

Thursday, May 18
Grade bracketing begins (runs through 6/13, with decreasing frequency)
Academic Standing clean-up run for fall 2016

Friday-Thursday, May 19-25
Academic Standing Calculations running

Tuesday, May 23
Spring 2017 SAP run

Thursday, June 1
Deadline to place P3 service indicators in PeopleSoft (end of day)

Monday, June 5
Summer financial aid disbursement begins

Wednesday, June 7
Undergrad degree clearances due

Monday, June 12
Summer term begins; degrees posted by OTR

Thursday, August 24
Academic Standing clean-up run for spring 2017

One Stop website updates

Summer fee information is now on the One Stop website. This information was housed on the CCE website for many years. The redesign of both the CCE website and the One Stop website created a natural opportunity for summer information to be moved to One Stop.

New content for financial wellness was published to One Stop for Twin Cities. The financial wellness pages include information about financial wellness counseling, classroom presentations, and personal finance resources for students. The new financial wellness content takes the place of th

Leave of Absence and Makeup Work policy changes

Two policies were recently revised: Makeup Work policy (changes will be effective Fall 2017) and undergraduate Leave of Absence policy. During the 30-day review period, the Makeup Work policy received mostly positive feedback. There were no comments made during the review period for the Leave of Absence policy. Both policies can be viewed in the policy library.


Q: Is it a violation of FERPA to withhold an official transcript and diploma from a student since these items are part of his/her educational record?

A: No. FERPA requires that students are allowed to ‘inspect and review’ their education records; they are not entitled to copies of those records unless they are at such a distance from the institution that they could not reasonably be expected to come to campus in-person to inspect and review records. That being said, a copy is just that a copy, not the official version of the transcript or the diploma.