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Monday, January 29, 2018

Expected graduation term reminder

New high school (NHS) and new advanced standing (NAS) students for spring 2018 will have an Expected Graduation Term (EGT) added to their program/plan records during the week of January 29. We will communicate this to collegiate staff once it has happened. Questions about the EGT project can be sent to Adrienne Bricker (abricker@umn.edu).

Caucus night

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 is caucus night. Per Board of Regents resolution, the University may schedule classes or events on caucus night with the Board’s authorization, however students and/or instructors are permitted to attend their party’s caucus night if they wish. Students must notify their instructor in advance, and instructors are expected to accommodate their requests. If enough students indicate that they will be attending their caucus so that holding class becomes impractical, instructors may cancel the class or make alternative arrangements.

Earlier summer registration

For summer 2018, degree-seeking students at the Twin Cities campus will be able to register on March 1, 2018. Open registration for non-degree and visiting students starts one week later on March 8.

Earlier registration before spring break extends the regular registration period one and half months, which gives students more time to plan and spreads out appointment times for advisors. The change could help increase classroom utilization and enrollment during the summer term. In turn, a higher enrollment rate during summer may help students with timely degree progress.

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Newly-admitted, prospective and current students at the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus can now use Transferology to explore transfer options. Behind that public-facing database is a new, electronic Transfer Evaluation System (TES) that facilitates direct communication between Academic Support Resources, the Office of Admissions, and the departmental course evaluators. Since its launch on January 8, TES has helped students make timely decisions about their transfer options.

Between January 8 and January 23, 46 courses were submitted for evaluation through the new system and website. Courses have been evaluated for CCAPS, CLA, CBS, CSOM, CEHD, CFANS, and CSE. Of the submissions, 22 of them received decisions within 2 days or less. This is a much-improved turnaround time from the previous paper/email-based process.

With TES, students receive quick communications that include evaluation decisions, details about transferability, and a point of contact for further questions. As staff/faculty, if you have questions about TES, contact tes@umn.edu.

OUE staff changes, new name for OFYP

OUE staff changes
A few staffing changes have been made in the administrative Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE):
  • Beth Lingren Clark has been serving as assistant dean for Orientation & First-Year Programs and will now serve as the associate vice provost for strategic enrollment initiatives. 
  • LeeAnn Melin has been serving as assistant dean for undergraduate student initiatives and will now serve as the associate vice provost for student success. 
  • Heidi Meyer was named executive director of admissions for the Twin Cities campus, effective December 2017.
These changes came about following the resignation of the associate vice provost for enrollment management last summer, and Robert McMaster, vice provost and dean of undergraduate education, is confident that this restructuring will best serve students moving forward.

New name for OFYPIn the coming months, the office of Orientation and First-Year Programs (OFYP) will be renamed to Orientation & Transition Experiences (OTE). This change reflects the office’s work involving student experiences for first-year, second-year, and transfer students. The mission and goals will remain the same.


Q: What should I do if I accidentally share a student’s private information with another student?

A: Unfortunately, even when we are careful, privacy breaches happen. For example, mis-typing a student’s email address can result in inadvertently sharing private data. If this happens, you should promptly email abuse@umn.edu to report the incident. For more information, see the Information Security policy on reporting incidents.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

West Bank One Stop office under renovations through January 12

The West Bank One Stop Student Services office will be closed through January 12 for renovations and reopen on January 16. The other One Stop locations will be open as usual. See One Stop Student Services hours.