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Monday, June 4, 2018

Personal pronouns and gender identity in MyU

This summer, the University will begin offering students and staff the option to share their personal pronouns and gender identity through the My Info tab of MyU. Sharing personal pronouns and/or a gender identity will be optional. Students’ pronouns will be available in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (dependent on access) and in APLUS.

Gender identity information will not be shared at this time, though authorized University staff with access to private information may view it when performing their job duties. A fact sheet with more information is available.

Directory suppression communication to students

Starting in June, students with first-time enrollment for fall 2018 will receive a communication to let them know about the University’s policy surrounding how their student information appears in public directories such as search.umn.edu. The communication states that their information will be listed in the directory within 30 days of the start of term (or first registration, whichever comes last) and directions on how they can suppress their information through MyU. If you have questions about the message or information, contact asrcomm@umn.edu.

Implementing uAchieve

The University of Minnesota is starting a project this July to implement uAchieve, the most recent version of DARS (the system that delivers our students and advisors the APAS report). DARS has become outdated and this project is an opportunity to improve the student-facing degree audit as well as business processes for DARS users.

What does the system do?
  • Holds transfer credit rules.
  • Shows students how their transfer credits map to our degree programs.
  • Holds undergraduate degree requirements and sub-requirements.
  • Shows students and advisors how completed credits meet degree requirements.
  • Allows staff to make exceptions to degree requirements.
What’s the big picture timeline?
  • July 2018-July 2019: Technical implementation with the vendor
  • July 2019-July 2020: Update configurations and integrations to reap business benefits
Staff have worked on preliminary items such as the project charter, planning, governance, discovery, and staffing, but the project does not begin until July. You can learn more about the project at asr.umn.edu/uachieve.

No RAC in June or July

There will be no Registrar’s Advisory Committee (RAC) meetings in June or July; they will resume in August. You can access previous meeting minutes at asr.umn.edu/rac.


Q: Can a student challenge a grade by using their FERPA right to request an amendment to their student record?

A: No. The right to amend a student record is for information that is inaccurate or misleading due to a recording error; it does not apply to a substantive decision such as what grade was awarded. Students do have the right to receive an explanation for their grades under University policy, and can seek assistance from the Student Conflict Resolution Center if needed.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Commencement on events calendar

University commencement event information is available online. For colleges, if you have not done so already, add your commencement information to the University events calendar so that the latest information is available to students and parents.

Grades due soon

Grades for most sessions are due on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 by 11:59 p.m. Visit the ASR website for grade due dates by term and other grading resources.

Note that a grade of “NR” (Not Reported) will be given to students who are not assigned a grade by the grading due date. Once NR grades are posted, grades cannot be uploaded or imported from Moodle/Canvas. The Request grade change process must be used to enter earned grades.

For more information on grading including when incompletes, K, or X symbols should be used, see the Grading & Transcripts policy.