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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New report in MyU: Class Enrollment Summary

The Class Enrollment Summary is intended for faculty and staff that need live class enrollment information. Class time, days, session, room number, room size, enrollment capacity and the number of students currently enrolled are included in the report, which exports directly to Excel.

To access the report, sign into MyU. Go to Key Links > Reporting Center and look under the Enrollment menu in the Student Services section. Several improvements to this report will be made in near future. If you have any feedback on this report, please contact srhelp@umn.edu.

New reports in Reporting Center

On Monday, November 21st, two new reports were added to the Reporting Center in MyU to support the Academic Standing process. In the past, Office of the Registrar staff ran queries manually and sent output to college staff during Academic Standing runs. These reports replace that process and can now be run ad hoc by staff to better suit the individual timing needs of each college.

First is the Academic Standing Mismatch Report. The purpose of this report is to show which student’s Academic Standing action does not match their Academic Standing service indicator value. Note: Previously, only records of students with GOOD academic standing that had incorrectly matched service indicators were sent out to twin cities college staff. This report now shows mismatches between any academic standing action and service indicator that does not conform to the current documentation.

Second is the Academic Standing Change Report. The purpose of this report is to notify staff of changes to Academic Standing from one run to the next for a particular term, especially for the catch-up run that is done for the prior term before we run the current term. Please reach out to srhelp@umn.edu if there are any questions or concerns regarding these reports and changes.

Study Away program is live

On October 14, the website for the Study Away program went live from University Relations (UR). The intention of the site is to provide a high-level overview of information, whereas more detail lives on One Stop, on the Study Away page. The application for Study Away is available from both sources.

ASR created a new plan and sub-plans under the "MULTU" academic program for Study Away for tracking and reporting purposes. The program started in October with registration available for spring term. Many of the designated courses within the Study Away program for each campus have prerequisites, which may require students to obtain permission numbers for registration. The intent for registration is that students will stick to a package of courses that is offered on a campus other than their home campus.

Leave of absence changes

In the fall, the Undergraduate Policy & Practices group reviewed the leave of absence practices and recommended a few changes, including updates to the Leave of Absence form. The group identified six categories of reasons for leave of absence and modified the form to reflect the categories. The reasons can now be tracked in PeopleSoft and a guide will be published soon on the ASR website and in the Advising Toolkit.