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Friday, March 27, 2015

The New MyU for Faculty

Take a look at new features and changes for faculty in the new MyU. These include streamlined access to teaching and advising information, consolidated grade entry, the Reporting Center, and MyU tabs for research and faculty career information, all available when the Upgrade goes live April 20th.

Learn more at http://upgrade.umn.edu/faculty/index.html

Video coming soon: "New MyU for Employees."

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Changes to Parent/Guest Access to student accounts

The Upgrade will include a new Parent/Guest Access system. This new system will be easier to access, transactions will be easier for parents to complete, and One Stop counselors will have the same view as the user, making questions and issues easier to resolve.

The current system will be taken offline at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8. When the Upgrade is complete (scheduled for April 20), the new Parent/Guest Access system will be available.

What’s changing?

There are two important changes for Parent/Guest Access:

  • Students will share grade information by granting access to their unofficial transcript.
  • Parent/Guest Access will be system-wide. That means if a student has attended more than one University of Minnesota campus, the access to the student record will include information from all campuses attended.

What do I need to do now?

  • Students should review the access they currently have set up. This is the access that will be converted to the new Parent/Guest Access system during the Upgrade - with one exception:
    • If you are a student who has provided access to grades but not holds, be aware that your parent/guest will not have access to grades after go-live. If you grant access to holds now, they will have access to your unofficial transcript after the Upgrade is complete. 
  • If you are a student (or the parent of a student) who has initiated the Parent/Guest Access process, be sure it is completed before April 8 at 4:30 p.m. (if not, the student will need to start over in the new system).

What do I need to do when the Upgrade is complete?

  • Students are encouraged to review their shared information settings. To do this, go to myu.umn.edu > My Info > Parent/Guest Access > Share My Information. 
  • Parents should review and confirm their access. To do this, go to myu.umn.edu > Key Links > Parent/Guest Access.


Parent/Guest Access must be granted by the student in order for a parent or guest to access the details or to view and make payments for the student’s account. Students can grant access (allowing parents/guests full access to view the student account and complete online billing and payment) or view-only access to things such as class schedule, financial aid, holds, and unofficial transcripts. No level of access allows the parent or guest to request an official transcript, register for classes, respond to the eFAAN, or update student personal information.


For students 

How to authorize access

For parents and guests 

How to complete Parent/Guest Access
How to view/pay your student’s bill (coming soon)
How to access your student’s record coming soon)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Changes to key student records reports

After the Upgrade a new, centralized MyU Reporting Center will be the hub for your student systems report needs. It will contain links to reports that are being carried forward from UM Reports, UM Analytics and PeopleSoft.  Read the Transitioning to UM Reports blog post to help you prepare for the new MyU Reporting Center.

What’s changing with key student record reports?

The Upgrade will change the appearance, functionality, and location of the tools and reports that you’ve become accustomed to accessing through UM Reports, UM Analytics or PeopleSoft 8.9. Some are being retired and others are being replaced by real-time data in PeopleSoft pages. Review the information below to prepare for changes to key student record reports.

Academic Record

  • The UM Report - Academic Record will be replaced by PeopleSoft pages with real-time data that covers the same information. After the Upgrade, this information will be found through the new MyU → Click “Key Links” → select Reporting Center → Student Services → Student Records.
  • To get to an assigned advisee’s Student Center page, where you can view and print “unofficial transcripts,” start in the new MyU → click Key Links tab → select Advisor Center → click on “View Student Details” next to an advisee’s name and ID → select “Transcript: View Unofficial” from the “Other Academics” drop-down menu.
  • Any current staff member who has view access to PeopleSoft Student Records can access the PeopleSoft Student Services Center page, which contains the information replacing the UM Report - Academic Record.

Graduate Education Student Profile

  • The Graduate Education Student Profile will be replaced by PeopleSoft pages with real-time data that covers the same information. 
  • After the Upgrade, this information will be found through the new MyU → Click “Key Links” → select Reporting Center → Student Services → Student Records. This will include:
    • General info
    • Service indicators
    • Addresses
    • Transfer credit information
    • Academics 

How to print an unofficial transcript

  • Only advisors will be able to print an unofficial transcript through the advisee’s Student Center page in the Advisor Center. All other staff will need to navigate to the Request Transcript Report page in PeopleSoft.
  • To view and print an “unofficial transcript” (i.e. the PDF version of an Academic Record report), inside an advisee’s Student Center page, under the Academics tab, click the drop-down menu and select “Transcript: View Unofficial” and click the double arrows to proceed. A prompt window will open, select “Request Unofficial Transcript” then view report. It will open as a printable PDF.

Course List and Class Rosters

  • After the Upgrade, the Class List report will be replaced by a PeopleSoft page with real-time data. Staff members will access this information through the new MyU → Click “Key Links” → select Reporting Center → Student Services → Enrollment.
  • For faculty, instructors, and their assigned proxies, the class list and roster information should be accessed through the Teaching tab of the new MyU. This opens a list of courses, which you can click through to get to the Faculty Center and access class rosters (through the class roster icon, looks like a group of people, or tab). This will be the only way to access class roster photos (if available).
  • This information can be downloaded to Excel by clicking on the table icon with the red arrow, or printed by clicking the “Printer Friendly Version” link at the bottom of the page. 
  • To learn more about the Faculty Center’s my schedule, class roster and grade roster pages, view the PeopleSoft Faculty Center guide.


  • The Probation/Suspension and Probation Holds reports will be replaced by a PeopleSoft page with real-time data.
  • After the Upgrade, this information will be found through the new MyU → Click “Key Links” → select Reporting Center → Student Services → Student Records. 
  • Additionally, students will have the ability to see if they are in good academic standing, values will include:
    • Good - Good Standing
    • PRB1 - Probation Level 1
    • PRB2 - Probation Level 2 (Can have multiple terms Prob Level 2) 
    • DISM - Dismissal/Suspension
    • PRAD - Probation after dismissal/suspension
    • PRBH - History of Probation

Leave of Absence

The Leave of Absence report is being retired. This information can be provided to you upon request. Please contact Ingrid Nuttall with questions or concerns.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The New MyU for Students

Take a peek at how you’ll register, view financial aid, pay bills and more in the new MyU, available when the Upgrade goes live at the end of April 2015.


Learn more at upgrade.umn.edu/student.

Videos coming soon: "New MyU for Faculty" and "New MyU for Employees."

Faculty Go-To Spotlight: Lisa Hubinger

This spotlight is on Faculty Go-To Advance Team member Lisa Hubinger, Graduate Program Coordinator for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Advance Team members are unit-specific people who have volunteered to receive advance materials and information to help their colleagues during The Upgrade transition.

Why did you volunteer to be an advance team member?

I realized early on that I better pay a lot of attention to The Upgrade. In the College of Veterinary Medicine, all graduate students are handled out of our office, so I became very aware of how much the systems changes will impact our staff, students and faculty.

How are you preparing?
I read everything. I participate in meetings. I have taken all the training and watched all the sneak peek videos, which are great. They are short and informative. I really like that the information is all online so I can go back to it whenever I need.

What are some of the biggest challenges?
There are several. Faculty are always busy, so many of them don’t have time to fully prepare in advance. This is why it’s good that educational information is available just-in-time and online. That’s also why it’s good to have Advance Team members ready to provide live help.

Another challenge is that we don’t really know exactly what the upgraded systems will be like until they go live. There’s only so much planning we can do, so let’s just get The Upgrade implemented!

Finally, most people don’t really like change, so we will probably hear about that. For me, I just want to be knowledgeable, helpful and provide a sense of calm to people who have trouble adjusting to change. We will get through this by working together!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

FERPA: Do you need to be concerned about student data on copiers?

Most modern copiers now store images of what's been copied in the copier's hard drive. So, if your department makes copies of private student data (e.g., transcripts, degree audits, advising note, etc.) the copier in your office, likely has retained this information. The process of retaining a copy on the hard drive really isn't a problem until it comes time to replace the copier. If a copier is being replaced, you should completely wipe the hard drive before selling, giving away, recycling, or returning it. The Office of Information Technology has some resources to assist with this task http://it.umn.edu/technology-recycling.

Providing In-Progress Notifications on Academic Performance (formerly Mid-Term Alerts)

The policy formerly known as "Providing Mid-Term Alerts on Academic Performance" underwent comprehensive review earlier this winter. As part of the comprehensive review process, the policy was re-named to “Providing In-Progress Notifications on Academic Performance” to make it more clear that students can be notified of good performance as well as poor (the old name with the word “alert” seemed to imply that the system could only be used to send notification if a student was doing poorly).

Since the new process will use delivered PeopleSoft functionality (which is tied to grade roster generation), the policy was also revised to remove references to the specific weeks in the semester when the notifications were to be sent. The language now reflects that these types of notifications are to be sent to students at such a point in the semester when students can either improve their academic performance or withdraw from the course by the withdrawal deadline. Faculty are also now encouraged to send notifications to all students in all classes.

One Stop closed Tuesday, March 17

One Stop Student Services will be closed for service on March 17 (the Tuesday of spring break) for Upgrade related training. This includes the One Stop Student Services Centers in 333 Science Teaching & Student Services (STSS), 130 West Bank Skyway, and 130 Coffey Hall. Walk-in, phone, and email service will not be available during this time; the Helping U desk in STSS will stay open.

One Stop Student Services will re-open at 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 18. Please pass this information along as necessary to the staff in your unit.

One Stop hours for registration

In order to accommodate and better serve students during the condensed registration appointment times, One Stop Student Services is adding weekend and extending weekday phone line hours. One Stop counselors will be available via phone Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., from March 23-April 4.

Staff will still be available in person Monday-Friday during normal walk-in hours. Contact information can be found on the One Stop website.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement,  please contact Julie Selander at goode021@umn.edu.

Upcoming GSSP deadlines prior to Upgrade

As you know, the PeopleSoft Upgrade cutover period has been established (starting April 10 scheduled to Go Live on April 20) and the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) office is working to adjust workflows and processes to accommodate system downtime and reduce delays in students' degree progress. As a result, we wanted to make you aware of two upcoming dates that are particularly important for students planning to defend and/or graduate this spring.

  • March 13, 2015 - deadline for students to submit their completed and signed Graduate Degree Plan to GSSP (160 Williamson Hall or gssp@umn.edu
  • March 20, 2015 - deadline for students to submit any examination committee assignments via the online workflows

Please encourage your students to complete these items before their respective dates so they can be processed in a timely manner to the cutover as many systems will be inaccessible or read only. The GSSP office is also planning to take down all workflows in advance of the cutover and will continue to provide more information related to system and process changes in the coming month.

Thank you for understanding and please contact GSSP at gssp@umn.edu with any questions.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions: Impacts of the Upgrade for Student systems

The Student workstream is maintaining an FAQ on the impacts of the Upgrade on Student systems. It covers questions related to registration, student account billing, financial aid, admissions, and more.

Some examples:

  • When will the registration web application be turned off? 
  • Will students be able to get copies of their transcripts? 
  • When is the last time students can pay tuition and fees online? 
  • Can students get/print copies of their 1098-T form during the cutover period? 
  • When is the last disbursement date [for financial aid]? 
  • How will the orientation sign-up process be affected by the cutover? 
  • Will students still be admitted during the cutover? 
  • When is the last time that staff can add or remove service indicators?
Read the entire FAQ.

Information is being updated with more details as they are known. Questions and answers will be added as needed. If you have a question not answered by the FAQ, send an email to upgrade@umn.edu