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Thursday, August 27, 2015

FERPA: You are hosting a scholarship lunch for scholarship recipients, can you publicly display their personal statements and photos at the event?

Like any other non-public student data, you need the student’s written permission prior to displaying their photo and other information at the event. It is important when you get permission, you explain to students that their information will be available to all who are attending.

Academic Standing will not post until August 27

The Office of the Registrar recently learned that no calculations will post on students' records until August 27, 2015 -- after the fully graded due date. This information has been updated on the Probation/Suspension Schedule. The Office of Student Finance understands that this will present a tight turnaround for the fall term financial aid disbursements on August 31, 2015, and will work with colleges to minimize any negative impacts for students.

How-To Guides for students learning the new system

For staff who work with students, a reminder that the How-to Guides posted on the One Stop website are a great resource for guiding students and staff about processes in the new system. View the guides »

Changes to SAP policy

Beginning with fall semester grades (so effective for Spring 2016 disbursement), all students receiving financial aid (federal, state or University aid) will be required to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards to continue receiving financial assistance. Previously, students who only received University scholarships were not included in the financial aid SAP review.

New payment plan process

What used to be called the “installment plan” is now called the “payment plan.” The difference? Students must opt-in through MyU if they would like to use it and a one-time $20 fee is added to their first payment. In the past, qualifying students were automatically added to the installment plan if they did not pay their bill in full by the first due date. Students who do not opt in to the payment plan and who do not pay their bill in full by the due date will be assessed a $40 late payment fee. More information and step-by-step instructions on enrolling in the payment plan will be sent to students who have used the installment plan in the past. Students will need to enroll in the payment plan every semester in which they want to use it.

Verification for Financial Aid

Undergraduate students who have a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file, may be selected for verification. This is a federally mandated process to check the accuracy of the data reported on the FAFSA. A record may be selected for verification if data on the FAFSA seems out of proportion to other figures or selection may be random. If students are selected for verification, they must provide documentation including a verification form (provided by the University), tax documents, and other data the institution may request including W-2 forms.

Verification must be completed before financial aid will be disbursed. Please remind any of your students who have been selected for verification to provide the information as soon as possible.

Change in One Stop phone queue

One Stop Student Services recently made a change in their phone queue options. Any financial aid questions will be directed to press 1 and will be routed to One Stop Counselors. General questions about dates and deadlines, etc., will be directed to press 2 and will be routed to Customer Relations Representatives. As the phone options have changed, please encourage your students to listen to the entire voice message when calling One Stop.

Soliciting feedback for Graduate Education Degree Clearance

Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP) is currently reevaluating the process for Graduate Education Degree Clearance. If you have suggestions for how to improve this process, please email Chris Allen at alle0288@umn.edu.

Continuous enrollment for graduate and professional students

All Twin Cities and Duluth post-baccalaureate students enrolled in a graduate or departmental master’s program (excluding Twin Cities MBA students) that have not registered for fall 2015 term received an email the week of August 24 indicating they must register by Monday, September 21, or they will be discontinued.

Program staff who have students requesting permission for GRAD 999, xxxx-8777, xxxx-8666 and xxxx-8888 may issue the necessary permission provided students have met internal eligibility requirements. Students requesting permission for xxxx-8333 and xxxx-8444 should be directed to the Graduate Student Services office at gssp@umn.edu.

If a student is discontinued and wishes to resume graduate work, he or she must request readmission to reactivate his or her status. It is up to the program or college to determine the best readmission path for a student. In all cases, students should contact the major program for which they are applying.