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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Academic Support Resources technical projects updates

The ASR Technical Projects resource has been updated with new planned, in-progress and recently completed projects. This information is being compiled on the ASR Technical Project Updates webpage. These projects largely address issues that our users have identified related to their work with the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Student Finance and the Office of Financial Aid.

Mid-term notifications start February 10

University Senate Policy requires instructors of 1xxx-level courses to provide in-progress notifications to students who, based on performance in the course thus far, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N. Instructors can enter mid-term grades starting February 10, 2016 by going to the "Grade Rosters" tab of MyU's Faculty Center. A "Mid-Term Grade Entry" quick start guide is available to help instructors.

Graduate Program Coordinators meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Graduate Program Coordinators Network (GPCN) meeting is scheduled for February 16 from 8:30-10 a.m. in 155 Blegen Hall. The GPCN is the result of feedback from our constituents for a formalized community where departmental and program staff can gather to share information, best practices, and discuss issues and opportunities. A formal invitation was sent January 15. An online option will be available for those on the Duluth campus and who require remote participation; however, in-person attendance is strongly encouraged. If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Nuttall at ingridn@umn.edu.

Monday, January 4, 2016

IT Planned Service Interruption

IT’s primary data center will undergo maintenance between 6 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 9 and noon Sunday, Jan. 10. This interruption will affect many IT services, including PeopleSoft.

A complete list is available, and an up-to-the-minute status will be available on the University’s IT Service Status page during the maintenance window.

Reporting Center training

Starting in January, a new online training will be required for users requesting access to private student data in the MyU Reporting Center. The training is brief (less than 10 minutes total) and highlights FERPA requirements, as well as provides helpful information on how to use the different report types in the Reporting Center.

Reporting Center private student data access is included for staff requesting 9.0 PeopleSoft Campus Solutions student data inquiry (SDI) or student data update (SDU) access. Staff requesting this access will not be required to take this new Reporting Center training, but it may be helpful to view the various types of reports available in the Reporting Center. For more information and to register for this training, visit z.umn.edu/reportingcentertraining.

Students’ 1098-T forms available online by January 31

The 1098-T form (provided to assist students with filing for education tax benefits/tax credit deductions) is now provided online rather than mailed. The form will be available for students to view through MyU no later than January 31. Students may also grant access to a parent or guest to view the form by granting access to their student account.

One Stop & SAA preparing spring 2016 cancels list

One Stop Student Services will begin working on the cancel list for students who are registered for classes but have a past due balances at the University. If students are registered for spring 2016 and have a past due student account, their registration will be cancelled. Each account is examined closely to ensure that students do not have any aid options or charges that look out of the ordinary. One Stop works closely with the Office of Student Finance and Student Account Assistance to present any options to students to retain their registration.

Proposed name change to an APAS report

There is a proposal that the “Generic Student Course Report” be renamed the “Student Course Report” to better reflect the report contents. This is the report that lists for students when APAS is unable to locate a match between the degree program for a student and a degree audit coded in APAS. Please submit feedback on this name change to trau0001@umn.edu.

Continuous enrollment for graduate and professional students

All Twin Cities and Duluth post-baccalaureate students enrolled in a graduate or departmental master's program (excluding Twin Cities MBA students) that have not registered for spring 2016 term received an email the week of January 11 indicating they must register by Monday, February 1, or they will be discontinued.

Program staff who have students requesting permission for GRAD 999, xxxx-8777, xxxx-8666 and xxxx-8888 may issue the necessary permission provided students have met internal eligibility requirements. Students requesting permission for xxxx-8333 and xxxx-8444 should be directed to the Graduate Student Services office at gssp@umn.edu.

If a student is discontinued and wishes to resume graduate work, he or she must request readmission to reactivate his or her status. It is up to the program or college to determine the best readmission path for a student. In all cases, students should contact the major program for which they are applying.