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Monday, February 29, 2016

FERPA: Are photos of students taken at events protected by FERPA?

Yes, photos that identify students in their educational or academic environment are protected by FERPA. In these cases, you should get student permission to share the photo. For example, consent is needed to use a student’s photo taken in a classroom setting in marketing materials or on your website.

New Office of Student Finance director announced

Tina Falkner has accepted the position of Director of the Office of Student Finance (OSF) within Academic Support Resources, effective February 22. Tina has served as the Interim Director of the OSF since May 2015. During that time, she has focused on sustaining an inclusive, engaged environment for the team and has helped build bridges between (and within) OSF and their key stakeholders.

Thanks again to the search committee, interview committee and everyone who attended the open forums to learn about Tina's vision for the Office of Student Finance.

Classes on caucus night (March 1)

A Board of Regents resolution authorizes the University to schedule classes on caucus night. The resolution states, "Minnesota state statutes limit the scheduling of events after 6:00 p.m. on the day of a major political party precinct caucus, but allow the University to schedule such events, including classes, if they are specifically authorized by the Board." To review the complete resolution, please see the minutes from the Board of Regents Educational Planning & Policy Committee meeting on December 8, 2005.

Students must notify instructors in advance if they wish to attend their party's caucus; this resolution states that instructors are expected to accommodate these requests.

If instructors wish to attend their party's caucus, or if enough students indicate they will be attending their caucus so that holding class becomes impractical, instructors may either cancel class or make reasonable alternative arrangements.

An email stating this was sent to Twin Cities instructors of Tuesday night classes on February 9. An announcement was also added to the Twin Cities student and faculty view of MyU.

Estimated Financial Aid Award Notices set to be sent

Incoming freshman who are planning on attending the University of Minnesota beginning fall 2016 will start receiving estimated financial aid award notices the first week of March. These letters show students the cost of attending the University and a very solid estimate of the financial aid (i.e., scholarships, grants, loans) they are eligible to receive. Students and their families often use these letters to assess the financial fit of the University to their budget and compare financial aid offers from different institutions. All students, including returning students, will receive their official financial aid notifications in early July after tuition and fees have been set by the Board of Regents.